I think I have always been a part of a Collective but have never figured out how to keep one going.

What is a Collective anyhow? I’m still figuring that out but working with people that have a short hand to your world, is one answer. Here is a picture of me and George Hanover in rehearsal as part the TK Collective’s showing at the Cork Midsummer Festival. Despite my hand wringing, and George’s glee, I am very happy. In fact because of George’s glee we are both very happy in what we do.

The thing is, and this from recent experience; that before you arrive at the glee there is a lot of work to make that Collective happen. Today my focus is on how to make the TK Collective happen so that I can choose to work the way I want to work. See, it is personal.

How long will it last? As long as we keep asking the questions and can figure out a smarter way of working that sustains us all. Difficult when you live in a gig economy and the constant hustle of the next gig but one that would give me immense pleasure if we pulled it off.

So here is to the TK Collective, another madcap adventure that you’ll hear me mentioning amongst all the other work I do in Film, Theatre and the VO World. If I go quiet about it, it is because I am either in rehearsal or someone else has taken up the baton. Or look being honest, I have left the building and checked out.